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International Exhibition Navigation - Fully Online New Era


Intop Expo has innovatively combined "Offline Exhibition", "VR Excellent Exhibition", and "Efficiency Enhancement in Exhibitions", setting up bridges for connections between domestic and foreign enterprises. This facilitates international economic and trade exchanges, contributing to the revitalization of the national economy.

Professional Consultation
One-click Booth Booking
Worry-Free Throughout
Offline Exhibition Services
Exhibition Booking Consultation Services

Latest Updates on 150 Industry Exhibitions

Online Service with 200 Exhibition Consultants

Intelligent Exhibition Search for a Unique Searching Experience

Booth Reservation Service

Choose from nearly 20,000 international exhibitions at your convenience;

Exclusive agent for multiple large international exhibitions;

Preferred choice of millions of clients.

Booth Construction Services

Hands-on experience with 1,500 exhibition projects;

100,000 square meters of booth construction experience;

Partnering with suppliers from 80 countries to serve you wholeheartedly.

Visa Processing Services

Visa processing experience in over 80 countries;

20,000 visa service cases for group travelers;

A highly capable visa service team dedicated to ensuring your worry-free travel.

Exhibition Travel Arrangement Services

Luxurious and flexible itinerary arrangements;

Exhibition group services that make you feel at home;

Professional Chinese tour guides providing attentive service throughout the trip.

On-site Exhibition Services

Professional services including on-site booth setup, exhibition equipment rental, and exhibit transportation;

Our expert exhibition team is always present;

Elite on-site leaders provide full-service support, allowing exhibitors to focus on business development.

Information Media Services

Original industry journal 'Exhibition Trade Times';

Distributed at major international exhibition venues;

Connecting international markets and expanding marketing channels.

VR Excellent Exhibition Services
Innovative multi-dimensional marketing to drive the future of trade, creating a new marketing system.
Easily achieve overseas customer expansion through precise traffic linkage via multiple online and offline channels.
Exclusive VR exhibition halls serve as a platform for foreign trade enterprises to build private traffic pools.
Realize the visualization of the entire marketing process for foreign trade enterprises to achieve efficient order conversion.
Efficiently layout global target markets for foreign trade enterprises with low costs.
Offline Professional Exhibition + Online Lead Generation Services

Without the need to travel abroad, connect with overseas buyers directly at international exhibition sites using Intop Expo's innovative remote VR Excellent Exhibition. This new model combines cost-effectiveness with professional offline exhibitions and precise online data, along with powerful lead generation services. Linking up with overseas clients has never been easier from the comfort of your own home.

Multi-dimensional showcasing in private domain VR exhibition halls

Establish your exclusive private domain VR exhibition hall, customize a deluxe 200-square-meter exhibition pavilion, choose from over 30 versatile exhibition hall templates. Showcase key products through multiple channels, overcoming limitations of time and space, presenting your brand image in a fresh and high-end manner, and boosting online brand innovation and upgrade.

Integrated operation across proprietary data and overseas SNS channels

Intop Expo International Exhibition, with 22 years of experience, aggregates three million international exhibition data points. We specialize in precise targeting and invitation of professional buyers. We create exclusive VR exhibition websites and utilize various overseas social media platforms for multi-channel promotion, linking precise traffic.

Professional offline exhibition traffic acquisition services

Meticulously select professional exhibitions, physical booth displays at offline events, staffed with professionals from our global service centers to provide on-site assistance, connecting with professional buyers, offering precise buyer leads, and facilitating business negotiations.

Remote Reception and Virtual Meetings

Intop International has its own Ytalk online communication platform, which enables real-time online communication and video negotiation with precise buyers.

Digital Marketing Management

Data presentation of all stages of visitor registration, browsing, inquiries, video conferencing and other access behaviour, real-time reminder of the visitor browsing track and timely backup, all kinds of data throughout the visualisation. Multi-channel accurate leads background view at any time browsing, visitor reports and statistics graphic one-click export, saving time and effort.

1v1 Business Matching Session

The Global Business Centre provides 1V1 online business matching sessions for VR exhibitors to find precise buyers in their target markets, allowing exhibitors to gain more business opportunities.

Enhanced Exhibition Efficiency
Comprehensive integration of exhibition traffic acquisition, real-time visualization and control of on-site workflows, marketing management, and customer management. We provide end-to-end efficiency enhancement services throughout the exhibition process, maximizing exhibition effectiveness.
Tracking Exhibition Projects
Accumulating Number of Exhibitors
Details of Chinese Exhibitors
Contact Information of International Buyers
Innovative Exhibition Efficiency Enhancement Services

Innovatively shaping comprehensive marketing strategies to drive the future of trade with a new marketing ecosystem.

Connecting all touchpoints

Using private domain VR exhibition halls as a platform to integrate the entire journey of professional buyers across all touchpoints.

Private domain for exhibitors

Helping exhibitors build their own 'private domain fortress' for exhibitions, achieving efficient order conversion.

Tracking and coaching services

Through comprehensive tracking and coaching services throughout the exhibition, ensuring full control over the exhibiting process.

Multi-dimensional showcasing in private domain VR exhibition halls

Combining online VR exhibition halls with offline physical booths to showcase key products through dual-channel presentation, overcoming limitations of time and space. Moving beyond traditional text and image displays, it promotes online brand innovation and upgrade.



Digital Marketing Management

Pre-exhibition: Providing market buyer data



During the exhibition: Real-time visualization of the exhibition process and data, including customer registrations, inquiries, and timely reminders and backups of meeting videos.



Post-exhibition: Back-end support for real-time analysis and statistics of professional buyer engagement behavior, categorizing potential clients and ensuring thorough follow-up on every business opportunity.


Empowering with a professional team

Empowering with a professional team—comprehensive coaching for doubled effectiveness. We provide a dedicated technical team, professional assistant for exhibition participation, international operations, exhibition consultants, and other experts to provide full support throughout the exhibition process, including training and on-site guidance during the event.



Industry Services
Integrated Food, Packaging, Hotel and Catering
Integrated food, confectionery, fruits and vegetables, food processing, food machinery, hotels, catering, integrated agriculture, animal husbandry, packaging, printing, etc.
Industrial Manufacturing
Automobiles and components, general industry, power and energy, electronics, security, public, safety, etc.
Consumer Light Industry
Household/furniture items, clothing/textile gifts, mother and baby items, furniture watches, jewellery, travel, etc.
Beauty, cosmetics, plastics and rubber, pet supplies, healthcare, retail trade, etc.
Built Material Industry
Building materials, stone, ceramics, hardware, tools, flooring, HVAC, kitchen, bathroom, lighting, furniture, etc.
Infrastructure Engineering/Industrial Construction Industry
Construction machinery and construction machinery parts, electric power and energy, port and shipping facilities, transport, high-speed railway, water conservancy and electricity, petrochemical, machinery and equipment, etc.