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As a Chinese O2O outbound exhibition service company, ploughing into the industry for 22 years, Intop International Exhibition has continued to innovate in the outbound exhibition industry, and has become one of the most professional outbound exhibition service companies in China with its three core services of offline exhibition, VR remote exhibition, and excellent exhibition efficiency, which have made Intop International Exhibition one of the forefront of China's outbound exhibition service industry in the region. The company has established long-term and stable strategic cooperative relationships with more than 500 overseas exhibition organisers, more than 200 global industry associations and more than 300 overseas partners, and has organised more than 20,000 Chinese enterprises to participate in 615 important exhibitions in 187 cities in 50 countries and regions, and has been the trusted and recommended outbound exhibition service partner of many overseas famous fair organisers and partners.

To win the future

The future has arrived. Intop Exhibitions has always been unforgettable, perseverance, deep insight into the actual needs of exhibitors in the new era, in-depth links in the field of demand segmentation, exhibition resources, VR excellent exhibition, personalised services, etc., aiming at building a high-quality, innovative globalization of the business services industry alliance to promote the process of globalization of Chinese enterprises, and escort the globalization of the business services for more Chinese enterprises!

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Core Technology: In-top Data System

Intop Exhibitions has established a new business model based on the Internet form, and carries the self-built global outreach Chinese search engine, the self-developed global exhibition query and service system, global exhibition database and analysis system, drives the enterprise development by information technology, and seeks the interests of the customers by the in-depth service.

Government Affirmation : The Only Designated Public Information Service Platform for International Exhibitions by Ministry of Commerce of China

The international exhibition service system supported by information technology platform has become the e-commerce demonstration project of the Ministry of Commerce of China. This self-built Chinese search engine has also become the designated public information service platform for international exhibitions by the Bureau of Foreign Trade Development Affairs of the Ministry of Commerce of China.

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As China's largest officially certified outbound exhibition platform, offers a wide range of international exhibitions and ensures that your event promotion reaches over 20,000 exhibitors in China. With China's leading search functionality and customised solutions, offers unlimited possibilities for large-scale, wide-ranging distribution of international exhibitions in China! Join the leading trade show organisers who trust to leverage advanced technology and comprehensive support to enhance your show's reach and connect with industry professionals worldwide.


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