Intop implies being at the top and striving for excellence, indicating the company aims to be the leader of exhibition industry

The logo of Intop Company features a stable geometric diamond shape composed of lines. It incorporates two primary colors: green and blue. Green symbolizes vitality and vigor, while blue signifies stability and hope, reflecting the pursuits and spirit of the Intop team. The entire logo is meticulously structured, brightly colored, and distinctively unique, evoking a sense of professionalism and vibrant energy. The geometric pattern formed by the lines represents an exhibition stand made up of display panels; green symbolizes mountains, and blue represents the sea. The overall meaning of the logo is "the exhibition stand connects mountains and seas, spreading friendship far and wide." It is hoped that through exhibitions, the Intop team can build bridges between domestic and international enterprises, promote international economic and trade exchanges, and contribute to the revitalization of the national economy.



Values & Strategies
Development Context
Promoting national economic development

In the context of supply-side structural reform, the contribution of the exhibition industry to the national economy and its role in promoting it has been increasing;

Digitalisation, Informatisation, Intelligence

The arrival of the era of Internet of Everything, the trend of digitalisation, informatisation and intelligence is highlighted, and information technology penetrates every end point of the exhibition industry chain;

Optimising industry resource allocation

With the government's decentralisation and reform of the management system, the overall pattern of the exhibition industry is being gradually optimised, and its role in the allocation of industry resources has become more prominent;

Sustainable development concept

The concept of sustainable development is deeply rooted in people's hearts, and the transformation and upgrading of the exhibition industry has become a new breakthrough;

Chinese Enterprises "Going Global" Flow

Along with the in-depth implementation of the national "One Belt, One Road", "Made in China 2025", accelerating the construction of free trade zones and other major strategies, Chinese enterprises have new opportunities to "go out". The following are some of the major strategies that have been implemented in China

Strategic Outlook
Precision Customer Acquisition Channe

Based on the strategic attributes of national economic and industrial development, outbound exhibition services with good trend and remarkable prospect of special condition in the post epidemic era will usher in an unprecedented development stage. Especially, VR remote exhibition will become a popular and precise customer acquisition channel with its intelligence, science and efficiency.

Top Trusted Offshore Exhibition Service in China

In the future, Intop International Exhibitions will conduct in-depth research into niche markets within the exhibition industry. By analyzing industry scale, industry structure, regional structure, market competition, and profitability from multiple perspectives, we aim to connect with international market demands. Our commitment is to advance the global marketing efforts of Chinese enterprises and to become the most professional and trusted overseas exhibition service company in China.



4 Main Cores
Enterprise Mission

Promoting the globalization process of Chinese enterprises.

Enterprise Vision

Dedicating to continuous innovation, creating higher value outbound exhibition services for exhibitors.

Business Philosophy

Helping our clients seize their opportunities in exhibition competition with innovative technology

Enterprise Spirit

Integrity: Operate with integrity and uphold commitments.

Efficiency: Swift and efficient with top-quality service.


Vitality: Enthusiastic and optimistic.

Attentiveness: Meticulous and thoughtful service.


Innovation: Embrace change and dare to innovate.

Core Team
Specialized and Elited

Operation management team

Talent is the core competitive advantage of enterprise development.

Intop Exhibition brings together a professional and elite operational management team, providing personalized exhibition services for exhibitors from different industries through forward-looking strategic insights, precise data analysis, and visualized sales forecasting.

Strategic acumen, Data analysis, Sales forecasting
Honours & Qualifications

Intop Expo has been dedicated to outbound exhibition services for 22 years, excelling in 'technological innovation and service experience'. It has won accolades such as 'Best Overseas Exhibition Organizer Award', 'Outstanding Foreign Trade Service Provider in Fujian Province', 'Growth-Oriented Small and Medium-sized Enterprise in Xiamen City', and 'Famous Trademark in Fujian Province'.


Subsidiary technology enterprise:

Xiamen Zhizhan Technology Co., Ltd., holds over twenty copyrights for exhibition industry software and was recognized as a national-level high-tech enterprise in 2020.


As a leading brand in China's outbound exhibition industry, leveraging forward-thinking strategic insights, precise market positioning, and a strong industry reputation, 'Intop Expo' has become a well-known trademark in Xiamen and Fujian Province. It has ascended to the forefront of China's outbound exhibition service sector and grown into a leading brand in the industry.